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Across Europe every year on and around 25 October, historic theatre buildings, as well as institutions and initiatives devoted to our theatre heritage, celebrate the European Historic Theatres Day.

Inaugurated by PERSPECTIV - Association of Historic Theatres in Europe - the European Historic Theatres Day takes place for the fourth year on 25 October 2020.

Virtual and live performances, lectures, and guided tours will celerate the importance of historic theatres in our lives as we manage through these difficult times. Let us know how you are planning to celebrate in 2020. Post your event on Facebook and share it on the European Historic Theatres Day Facebook page. @europeanhistorictheatresday

Join in the celebration, mark events, post a story or pictures of your favourite theatres in Europe on social media. If you’re socially distancing at a theatre, attending a tour, working backstage – tell everyone why you love your historic theatre.

Use the tags #European  #HistoricTheatresDay  #EuropeanHistoricTheatresDay  #HistoricTheatresLive on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram and connect to theatres across Europe.

On Twitter @visittheatres will be tweeting throughout the day profiling events and activities.

For more information, visit www.perspectiv-online.org or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

PERSPECTIV the Association of Historic Theatres encourages and supports the conservation and restoration of historic theatres, promotes exchange between theatres and those interested in them, initiates and supports research, and introduces the public to this extraordinary European cultural heritage. It established the European Route of Historic Theatres www.erht.eu

From the ancient Greeks until today, the theatre buildings of Europe reflect the colourful tapestry of cultural, social, and artistic history of our continent. The European Historic Theatres Day invites all Europeans to discover how the history of Europe is mirrored in these wonderful buildings, to see stage machinery old and new in action, and to enjoy our rich cultural heritage.


European Historic Theatres Day