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Leidse Schouwburg

Leidse Schouwburg tours


Explore behind the scenes of the oldest theatre in the Netherlands! The building breathes 300 years of history and whispers stories from long forgotten times. The guides lead you through the crypts of the theatre, the Theaterzaal,  and introduces you to several peculiar inhabitants. Furthermore the secret will be revealed of the water well beneath the auditorium.

Tours cost €7,50 and last approximately one hour. Tour dates can be found by contacting the theatre directly on +31(0)715 163 881



How to get there

For further information please see the theatre's website.





Leiden is an authentic Dutch city with a rich tradition of knowledge, science, culture and international relations. A city with beautiful canals, some 3,000 monuments, 12 leading museums and a vibrant city centre.

Leiden is where Rembrandt was born and learned the art of painting, where the physician Boerhaave spread his knowledge and where Clusius cultivated the first Dutch tulips 400 years ago. You will undoubtedly agree that Leiden deserves the title Leiden, Key to Discovery.

More than once, Leiden has been called the most beautiful city of the Netherlands. Not too surprising, considering the extent to which the city's rich history is still visible throughout the charming city centre.

Adding the large number of museums, the endless monuments and the thriving cultural climate in Leiden, you will certainly agree that the city more than deserves its reputation.

Leiden surprises and enriches you.



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Leidse Schouwburg
Oude Vest 43
2312 XS
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 715 163881




Dating back to 1705, the Leidse Schouwburg is the oldest theatre in the Netherlands. With its red velvet and golden ornaments the theatre offers a fantastic setting for presentations, performances and even exclusive dinners on stage. The attractive Bonbonnière, the Jacob van Rijndorp Foyer and Room 1705 are also excellent locations for meetings, private- or corporate receptions and dinner parties.

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